IOOO Idioms: Filth That Takes a Minute to Sink in

Assigned by Paulius Ka


"IOOO Idioms: Filth That Takes a Minute to Sink in" is a collection of a thousand sentences Paulius Ka posted on his twitter profile. Some of them are just words, some are ideas, but Paulius sees them as idioms that need a little bit of thought to be fully understood. They all come in the original language he heard them in.


Both poster and a booklet contain the same 1000 sentences.
In the poster all the tweets are floating freely corresponding to the idea of a virtual cloud.
In the book the tweets are organised first according to languages (14 languages in total), then according to the respective alphabets.
In an additional part of the book, where all the words of the sentences are organised according to the alphabet, the reader can investigate words according to his interest: topic, word structure, meaning, amount etc.