Discussion/(self) reflection platform as a tribute to 'The Four Winds' (1920s)

Part of the graduation project (ArtEZ, Arnhem, NL)


The idea of the project embraced after my great interest into Lithuanian literary movement of the 1920s The Four Winds, which brought avant-garde to Lithuanian culture. They where inspired by Russian futurist Mayakovsky, italian futurist Marinetti. Members of The Four Winds were also designers, curators, activists, since they created covers for their poetry books, published The Four Winds magazine, wrote a prophet of their philosophy.

I was curious to the design tools which would evoke awareness of the viewer and maybe would cause the start of a new movement.

The Graduation project consists of three parts: 'The Manifesto of the Individual', 4 little books and series of posters.

1) Within 'The Manifesto of the Individual' I introduce the viewer with The Four Winds while emphasising the main aspects I found important about the movement.

2) 4 books questions / reveals the responsibility of the individual, also confronts, evokes different emotions as self-defense, feeling accused etc.

3) Series of the posters is a free platform – puzzle, mind game for the viewer. Each poster is a template where any relevant problematic could be applied on while making it a start of discussion. The posters refers to different (then) current problematics such as shootings in America's school, India's rapes, influence of corporations and politicians. Sentences written on the posters and inside of the posters are my observations / reflections on today events. Both groups among each other creates different combinations of the words / meanings which encourages the viewer to find his own truth.